Information from C elegans Labs

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Please let me know of any C elegans lab information servers not listed here.

Individual Lab servers

  1. The Ahmed Lab, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  2. The Ahnn Lab, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  3. The Ahringer Lab, Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge
  4. The Alfonso Lab, University of Illinois, Chicago
  5. The Ambros Lab, Dartmouth
  6. The Antebi Lab, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
  7. The Aroian Lab, University of California, San Diego
  8. The Ausubel Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
  9. The Avery Lab, UT Southwestern
  10. The Azevedo Lab, University of Houston
  11. The Baer Lab, University of Florida
  12. The Baillie Lab, Simon Fraser University
  13. The Baird Lab, Wright State University
  14. The Bargmann Lab, UC San Francisco
  15. The Bass Lab, University of Utah
  16. The Baumeister Lab, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg
  17. The Baylis Lab, University of Cambridge
  18. The Bazzicalupo Lab, IGB-CNR: Institute of Genetics and Biophysics
  19. The Bessereau Lab, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
  20. The Betran Lab, University of Texas at Arlington
  21. The Bianchi Lab, University of Miami
  22. The Bird Lab, North Carolina State University
  23. The Blackwell Lab, Harvard Medical School
  24. The Blakely Lab, Vanderbilt Medical Center
  25. The Blaxter Lab, University of Edinburgh
  26. The Bowerman Lab, University of Oregon
  27. The Bürglin Lab, Karolinska Institutet
  28. The Caldwell Lab, University of Alabama
  29. The Cassata Lab, FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology, Milan, ITALY
  30. The Ceron Lab, Vall d'Hebron Hospital, Barcelona, Spain
  31. The Chamberlin Lab, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  32. The Chin-Sang Lab, Queens University, Kingston, Canada
  33. The Chisholm Lab, University of California Santa Cruz
  34. The Chu Lab, San Francisco State University
  35. The Clegg Lab, U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research at Fort Detrick
  36. The Coates and Isaac Lab, University of Leeds
  37. The Colaiacovo Lab, Harvard Medical School
  38. The Conley Lab, NASA Ames Research Center
  39. The Crowder Lab, Washington University, St Louis
  40. The Cutter Lab, University of Toronto
  41. The de Bono Lab, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  42. The Dent Lab, McGill University
  43. The Derry Lab, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
  44. The De Stasio Lab, Lawrence University
  45. The Driscoll Lab, Rutgers University, New Jersey
  46. The Duerr Lab, Ohio University
  47. The Emmons Lab, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  48. The Ewbank Lab, CIML, Marseille, France
  49. The Fantz Lab, Agnes Scott College
  50. The Fay Lab, University of Wyoming
  51. The Félix Lab, Institut Jacques Monod, Paris
  52. The Feree Lab, University of Oregon
  53. The Fire Lab, Stanford University
  54. The Fitch Lab, New York University
  55. The Freedman Lab, Duke University
  56. The Garriga Lab, UC Berkeley
  57. The Gaudet Lab, University of Calgary
  58. The Gems Lab, Center for Evolutionary Genomics, University College London
  59. The Goldstein Lab, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  60. The Gottschalk Lab, Goethe University, Frankfurt
  61. The Grant Lab, Rutgers University
  62. The Greenwald Lab, Columbia University, New York
  63. The Gronostajski Lab, The State University of New York at Buffalo
  64. The Grosshans Lab, Friedrich Miescher Institute
  65. The Gruenbaum Lab, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  66. The Haag Lab, University of Maryland
  67. The Hall Lab, Center for C elegans Anatomy, Einstein College
  68. The Hamza Lab, University of Maryland, College Park
  69. The Han Lab, University of Colorado, Boulder
  70. The Hansen Lab, University of Calgary
  71. The Hansen Lab, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, La Jolla, California
  72. The Hardin Lab, University of Wisconsin
  73. The Hart Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
  74. The Hawkins Lab, Simon Fraser University
  75. The Hedgecock Lab, Johns Hopkins University
  76. The Hekimi Lab, McGill University, Montreal
  77. The Hengartner Lab, University of Zurich
  78. The Herman Lab, Kansas State University
  79. The Hilliard Lab, University of Queensland, Australia
  80. The Hobert Lab, Columbia University
  81. The Holden-Dye and Walker Lab, University of Southhampton
  82. The Hope Lab, University of Leeds
  83. The Horvitz Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  84. The Hu Lab, University of Michigan
  85. The Hubbard Lab, New York University
  86. The Hunter Lab, Harvard University
  87. The Hutter Lab, Simon Fraser University
  88. The Iino Lab, University of Tokyo
  89. The Iwasaki Lab, Ibaraki University
  90. The Iwasaki Lab, National Institute of Bioscience and Human Technology, Tsukuba
  91. The Jansen Lab, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  92. The Jin Lab, University of California, Santa Cruz
  93. The Jindra Lab, Institute of Entomology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  94. The Johnson Lab, University of Colorado, Boulder
  95. The Johnstone Lab, University of Glasgow
  96. The Jorgensen Lab, University of Utah
  97. The Kagawa Lab, Okayama University
  98. The Kaplan Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
  99. The Keiper Lab, East Carolina Unversity
  100. The Kelly Lab, Emory University, Atlanta
  101. The Kemphues Lab, Cornell University
  102. The Kenyon Lab, UC San Francisco
  103. The Kim Lab, University of Michigan
  104. The Kim Lab, Stanford University
  105. The Kleene Lab, University of Cincinnati
  106. The Kloess Lab, FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM), Milan, Italy
  107. The Koelle Lab, Yale University
  108. The Kornfeld Lab, Washington University
  109. The Korswagen Lab, Hubrecht Laboratory, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  110. The Kramer Lab, Northwestern University
  111. The Labouesse Lab, Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire
  112. The LaMunyon Lab, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  113. The Lee Lab, Yonsei University, Korea
  114. The Legouis Lab, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette
  115. The Leroux Lab, Simon Fraser University
  116. The Lesa Lab, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology in London
  117. The Link Lab, University of Denver
  118. The Lithgow Lab, University of Manchester
  119. The Liu Lab, Cornell University
  120. The Lochnit Lab, University of Giessen, Germany
  121. The Lockery Lab, University of Oregon
  122. The Loer Lab, University of San Diego
  123. The Lund Lab, University of Kentucky
  124. The Lundquist Lab, University of Kansas
  125. The Maduro Lab, University of California, Riverside
  126. The Mains Lab, University of Calgary
  127. The Mango Lab, University of Utah
  128. The Mano Lab, City College of New York
  129. The Maricq Lab, University of Utah
  130. The Marletta Lab, University of Michigan Medical School
  131. The May Lab, University of Birmingham
  132. The McGhee Lab, University of Calgary
  133. The Meyer Lab, UC Berkeley
  134. The Miller Lab, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  135. The Miller Lab, Santa Clara University
  136. The Miller Lab, Vanderbilt University
  137. The Miska Lab, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
  138. The Moehrlen Lab, University of Heidelberg
  139. The Moerman Lab, University of British Columbia
  140. The Mohler Lab, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  141. The Mori Lab, Nagoya University
  142. The Morimoto Lab, Northwestern University
  143. The Moss Lab, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia
  144. The Müller Lab, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  145. The Murphy Lab, Princeton University
  146. The Nance Lab, Skirball Institute, New York University
  147. The Nef Lab, Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel
  148. The Newman Lab, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA
  149. The Nishiwaki Lab, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
  150. The Nonet Lab, Washington University, St Louis
  151. The Okkema Lab, University of Illinois, Chicago
  152. The Ono Lab, Emory University
  153. The Otsuka Lab, Illinois State University
  154. The Padgett Lab, Rutgers University
  155. The Page Lab, Glasgow University
  156. The Patterson Lab, Rutgers University
  157. The Pettitt Lab, University of Aberdeen
  158. The Phillips Lab, University of Oregon
  159. The Pilgrim Lab, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  160. The Pilon Lab, University of Göteberg
  161. The Plasterk Lab, Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology
  162. The Podbilewicz Lab, Technion, Israel
  163. The Pocock Lab, University of Copenhagen
  164. The Portman Lab, University of Rochester
  165. The Powell-Coffman Lab, Iowa State University
  166. The Priess Lab, Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle
  167. The Puoti Lab, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  168. The Raman Lab, University of Texas - Medical School Houston
  169. The Rankin Lab, University of British Columbia
  170. The Riddle Lab, University of British Columbia
  171. The Rocheleau Lab, McGill University
  172. The Rongo Lab, Rutgers University
  173. The Rose Lab, University of British Columbia
  174. The Roth Lab, Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle
  175. The Rothman Lab, University of California at Santa Barbara
  176. The Rougvie Lab, University of Minnesota
  177. The Roy Lab, University of Toronto
  178. The Roy Lab, McGill University, Montreal
  179. The Ruvinsky Lab, University of Chicago
  180. The Ruvkun Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
  181. The Salkoff Lab, Washington University
  182. The Samuel Lab, Harvard University
  183. The Sawa Lab, Riken Center for Developmental Biology, Kobe, Japan
  184. The Schafer Lab, Univeristy of California, San Diego
  185. The Schedl Lab, Washington University
  186. The Schierenberg Lab, Universität zu Köln
  187. The Schnabel Lab, Institute of Genetics, Technical University of Braunschweig
  188. The Scholey Lab, University of California, Davis
  189. The Schwarzbauer Lab, Princeton University
  190. The Segalat Lab, University of Lyon
  191. The Sengupta Lab, Brandeis University
  192. The Seydoux Lab, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  193. The Shaham Lab, Rockefeller University
  194. The Shen Lab, Stanford University
  195. The Sherwood Lab, Duke University
  196. The Singson Lab, Rutgers University
  197. The Skop Lab, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  198. The Slack Lab, Yale University
  199. The Sommer Lab, Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie, Tübingen, Germany
  200. The Spence Lab, University of Toronto
  201. The Starr Lab, University of California, Davis
  202. The Stern Lab, Yale University
  203. The Sternberg Lab, California Institute of Technology
  204. The Strome Lab, University of Indiana, Bloomington
  205. The Sturzenbaum Lab, King's College London
  206. The Sugimoto Lab, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Kobe, JAPAN
  207. The Swoboda Lab, Karolinska Institute
  208. The Tan Lab, Stanford University
  209. The Tavernarakis Lab, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Crete
  210. The Thierry-Mieg Lab, CNRS, Montpellier
  211. The Thomas Lab, University of Washington
  212. The van den Heuvel Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
  213. The van der Kooy Lab, University of Toronto
  214. The Vanfleteren Lab, Ghent University, Belgium
  215. The Varkey Lab, Humboldt State University
  216. The Vellai Lab, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
  217. The Vidal Lab, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
  218. The Waddle Lab, Southern Methodist University, Dallas
  219. The Wadsworth Lab, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University
  220. The Ward Lab, University Arizona
  221. The Wheeler Lab, University of Toronto
  222. The White Lab, University of Wisconsin
  223. The Wickens Lab, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  224. The Wightman Lab, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
  225. The Winter Lab, Universidade De Sao Paulo, Brazil
  226. The Wood Lab, University of Colorado, Boulder
  227. The Xue Lab, University of Colorado, Boulder
  228. The Yamamoto Lab, University of Tokyo
  229. The Yu Lab, China Academy of Sciences, Shanghai
  230. The Zahler Lab, University of California, Santa Cruz
  231. The Zhen Lab, Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto

  232. The ICE Mission, NASA
  233. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Gene Knockout Lab
  234. The "Superworm" Group
  235. Vancouver Gene Knockout Lab

Commercial C elegans Labs

  1. Axys Pharmaceuticals
  2. Cambria Biosciences, LLC
  3. CyberGenome Technologies, LLC
  4. Devgen
  5. Divergence LLC
  6. Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  7. The Nef Lab, Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel

Vendors of Products Useful for C elegans Research

  1. Affymetrix
  2. Geneservice Ltd
  3. IPM Scientific
  4. LabExpress
  5. Labscientific
  6. Open Biosystems
  7. Prestwick Chemical, Inc.
  8. TriTech Research, Inc.
  9. Union Biometrica
  10. WormPD

Researcher Profiles

  1. Eric J. Aamodt, Louisiana State University Medical Center
  2. Julie Ahringer, University of Cambridge
  3. Victor Ambros, Dartmouth College
  4. Raffi Aroian, University of California at San Diego
  5. Neville Ashcroft, MRC Cell Mutation Unit
  6. Leon Avery, UT Southwestern
  7. Ricardo B. R. Azevedo, University of Houston
  8. Charles Baer, University of Florida
  9. Scott Baird, Wright State University
  10. Maureen Barr, University of Wisconsin
  11. Howard Baylis, University of Cambridge
  12. Bob Barstead, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  13. Carolyn Behm, Australian National University
  14. Claire Bénard, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  15. Karen Bennett, University of Missouri-Columbia
  16. Laura Bianchi, University of Miami
  17. Keith Blackwell, Harvard Medical School
  18. Tom Blumenthal, University of Colorado
  19. Simon Boulton, London Research Institute
  20. Charles Brenner, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia
  21. Jay Burr, Simon Fraser University
  22. Guy Caldwell, University of Alabama
  23. Peter Candido, University of British Columbia
  24. William Michael Carson, University of Alabama
  25. Helen Chamberlin, Ohio State University
  26. Dan Chase, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  27. Chiou-Fen Chuang, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  28. Scott Clark, New York University
  29. David Coates, University of Leeds
  30. Monica Colaiacovo, Harvard Medical School
  31. Antonio Colavita, University of Ottawa
  32. Daniel Colón-Ramos, Yale University
  33. Ann Corsi, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, USA
  34. Creg Darby, University of California at San Francisco
  35. Brent Derry, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
  36. Beth De Stasio, Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin
  37. Monica Driscoll, Rutgers University
  38. David Eisenmann, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  39. Ron Ellis, University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey
  40. Henry F Epstein, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  41. Jonathan Ewbank, CIML, Marseille, France
  42. Denise Ferkey, State University of New York at Buffalo
  43. David Fitch, New York University
  44. Gian Garriga, University of California, Berkeley
  45. Anton Gartner, University of Dundee
  46. Jeb Gaudet, University of Calgary
  47. Andy Golden, NIDDK, National Institutes of Health
  48. Bob Goldstein, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  49. Pierre Gönczy, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), Lausanne
  50. Elizabeth Goodwin, University of Wisconsin
  51. Barth Grant, Rutgers University
  52. Alla Grishok, Columbia University Medical Center, New York
  53. Richard M Gronostajski, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland
  54. Helge Grosshans, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland
  55. Tina Gumienny, Texas A and M Health Sciences Center
  56. Bhagwati Gupta, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
  57. Eric S Haag, University of Maryland
  58. Alex Hajnal, University of Zürich
  59. Min Han, University of Colorado, Boulder
  60. Wendy Hanna-Rose, Penn State University
  61. Jeff Hardin, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  62. Anne Hart, Massachusetts General Hospital
  63. Michael Hengartner, Unversität Zürich
  64. Greg Hermann, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon
  65. Oliver Hobert, Columbia University
  66. Jonathan Hodgkin, Oxford University
  67. Lindy M Holden-Dye, Centre for Neuroscience at Southampton
  68. Barry Honda, Simon Fraser University
  69. Ian Hope, University of Leeds
  70. Thorsten Hoppe, University of Cologne
  71. H Robert Horvitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  72. Chang-Deng Hu, Purdue University
  73. Jane Hubbard, New York University
  74. Harald Hutter, Simon Fraser University
  75. Tony Hyman, Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
  76. R. Elwyn Isaac, University of Leeds
  77. Lew Jacobson, University of Pittsburgh
  78. Jan Kammenga, Wageningen University
  79. Ken Kemphues, Cornell University
  80. Judith Kimble, University of Wisconsin
  81. Ed Kipreos, University of Georgia
  82. Sandhya Padmanabhan Koushika, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore
  83. Patricia Kuwabara, University of Bristol
  84. Craig LaMunyon, California State Polytechnic University
  85. Pamela Larsen, University of Southern California
  86. Bernard Lemire, University of Alberta
  87. Armand Leroi, Imperial College, Ascot
  88. Steven L'Hernault, Emory University
  89. Jean-Claude Labbé, Université de Montréal
  90. Christine Li, Boston University
  91. Rueyling Lin, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
  92. Gordon Lithgow, University of Manchester
  93. Curtis Loer, University of San Diego
  94. Erik A Lundquist, University of Kansas
  95. Eleanor Maine, Syracuse University
  96. Susan Mango, University of Utah
  97. Yeong Foong May, National University of Singapore
  98. Craig Mello, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester
  99. Philip Meneely, Haverford College
  100. Ralph Menzel, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
  101. Barbara Meyer, University of California, Berkeley
  102. Grégoire Michaux, Université Rennes 1
  103. David Miller, Vanderbilt University
  104. Ken Miller, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  105. Leilani Miller, Santa Clara University
  106. Jennifer A. Miskowski, University of Wisconsin
  107. Don Moerman, University of British Columbia
  108. Bill Mohler, University of Connecticut Health Center
  109. Mary Montgomery, Macalester College, St Paul Minnesota
  110. Eric Moss, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia
  111. Shin Murakami, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
  112. Michael L. Nonet, Washington University
  113. Stephen Nurrish, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
  114. Shoichiro Ono, Emory University
  115. Anthony J. Otsuka, Illinois State University
  116. Richard W. Padgett, Rutgers University
  117. Pam Padilla, University of North Texas
  118. Garth Patterson, Rutgers University
  119. Dave Pilgrim, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  120. Marc Pilon, Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden
  121. John Plenefisch, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA
  122. Benjamin Podbilewicz, Technion, Israel
  123. Samuel M. Politz, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  124. David Raizen, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  125. C. S. Raman, University of Texas - Medical School in Houston
  126. Jim Rand, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  127. Christian Rocheleau, McGill University, Montreal
  128. Christopher Rongo, Rutgers University
  129. Joel Rothman, University of California at Santa Barbara
  130. Ilya Ruvinsky, University of Chicago
  131. Liz Ryder, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts
  132. Lisa Salcini, BRIC, University of Copenhagen
  133. David Sattelle, Oxford University
  134. Cathy Savage-Dunn, Queen's College, City University of New York
  135. William R Schafer, University of California at San Diego
  136. Tim Schedl, Washington University
  137. Jennifer Schisa, Central Michigan University
  138. Jonathan M Scholey, University of California, Davis
  139. Björn Schumacher, Universität zu Köln
  140. Piali Sengupta, Brandeis University
  141. Diane Shakes, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
  142. Ahna Skop, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  143. Frank Slack, Yale University
  144. Ann Sluder, University of Georgia
  145. Harold Smith, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
  146. Martha Soto, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, New Jersey
  147. Timothy Standish, Geoscience Research Institute
  148. Gillian Stanfield, University of Utah
  149. Adrian Streit, Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie, Tübingen
  150. Asako Sugimoto, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Kobe, Japan
  151. Paul W Sternberg, California Institute of Technology
  152. Meera Sundaram, University of Pennsylvania
  153. Nektarios Tavernarakis, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Crete
  154. Danny Tuckwell, University of Manchester
  155. Alex Van Der Bliek, University of California, Los Angeles
  156. Jacob Varkey, Humboldt State University
  157. Olena Vatamaniuk, Cornell University
  158. Ana Vaz Gomes, Karolinska Institutet
  159. W. William Walthall, Ph.D, Georgia State University
  160. Charles Warren, University of New Hampshire, USA
  161. Robert H. Waterston, Washington University
  162. Johnathan R. Whetstine, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
  163. Stephen Wicks, Boston College
  164. Bruce Wightman, Muhlenberg College
  165. Richard Wilson, Washington University
  166. Allison Woolard, Oxford University
  167. William B Wood, University of Colorado, Boulder
  168. Ding Xue, University of Colorado, Boulder
  169. Youngjai You, Virginia Commonwealth University
  170. David Zarkower, University of Minnesota Medical School

Regional C elegans servers

  1. Boston Area Worm Meeting
  2. British Columbia C elegans Research Community
  3. European Community TMR Network
  4. Japanese C elegans Community
  5. Korean Worm Community
  6. Montréal Area Developmental Genetics group
  7. New York Area Worm Meeting
  8. North Carolina Triangle-area worm labs
  9. C elegans Research in Umeå

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